Lintula-Group in a nutshell

Hello and welcome to our website! Let me introduce us: We are Lintula-Group from South-West Finland and we are the ones you love to have when you are in need of gravel, soil or woodchips and firewood. In addition to that, we offer different kind of services such as demolition and national transportation services. We are happy to help you with any issue you experience. We operate mainly in South-West Finland area but it is not limited as our broad network covers most of Finland.

Lintula-Group has long history in transportation and demolition services and we are constantly trying new ideas and innovations to make the process even smoother. Recently we added gravel, soil, sand and firewood to our products because of public demand: many times we were asked by our customers if we could provide these products. You might wonder why also firewood was included since it is way different product than, say soil, is. The answer lies in the past: A few years ago Lintula-Group acquired a local company of which business was to create woodchips for heat plants. Because of the acquisition, Lintula-Group had access to local forest industry that provides us to excellent quality Finnish wood.

So in short: Despite its small size, Lintula-Group is established and flexible company that does what it loves and more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need more information on our products or services. The best way to contact us in English to send us the form that you can find below.

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